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Mobility. Strength. Balance. Control

Movement programs designed to regain optimal mobility, build strength and balance throughout the body to get you doing the things you love to do.

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Your Body, the Way You Want It

Many people these days work sedentary jobs that leave them feeling (among other things) tight, stiff and sometimes even in pain.

With an in depth understanding of the human body and injury physiology I can design a movement program to realign your body, restore optimal mobility and correct the muscle imbalances that are causing your discomfort and limitations.

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Real Clients. Real Experiences

Lexi is SO great! She does an incredible job of meeting you exactly where you are, taking your goals into account and creating the right program to get you where you want to be. I am constantly impressed by all that she knows and she is so dedicated to figuring out what works for me, even as a virtual client! She knows how to combine what you want and what you actually need - for me at least these are often two different things - while making workouts both enjoyable and challenging. I am so grateful to have Lexi as a resource!

Emma B.

I started working with Lexi after doing PT at Atlas for an Achilles injury. She keeps the workouts fun, varied and challenging so I've continued to work with her a couple of days a week for the last 9-10 months. In that time my strength, flexibility and balance have improved tremendously. My posture has also gotten noticeably better with my core strength. The work we've done on stabilizing muscles makes me more confident pushing myself. I can't wait for ski season!

Eric J.

Going on 48 and have always been active. These are the best work outs of my life. My body strength is more balanced than ever. I have much better endurance in other activities (swimming, hiking, etc). Lexi's workouts are creative and fun. She adjusts the workouts to keep them challenging as my ability increases. She also adapts the workouts based on my previous injuries. She also provides workouts for home to keep me in shape and is very responsive when contacted for help with a set.

Matt G.

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I have not always  been one to exercise.

Before I found fitness I spent no time thinking about how to take care of my body, I was making all the wrong choices.

And then at 22 I broke my hip - doing nothing- and my life changed. I spent months healing and going over this hard lesson in my head.

I had abused my body to this point and something had to change.

So I went to a gym, nervous and feeling VERY out of place but somehow I knew this is where I  needed to be.

Fast forward a few months and I was hooked, I needed to know more, I wanted to know everything- I was fascinated.

So I enrolled in college, for the first time with a PURPOSE.

I earned my degree in Human Performance and Exercise Science in 2017 and I got to work.

I started my career in the rehab industry, after all that was where my journey had started.

Before long I started to see how often rehab could be prevented and how often patients were sent away without the tools they needed to not come BACK.

This realization brings us here, to my dream of TEACHING people how to care for their bodies so they don't often find themselves in pain and not knowing what to do to get better.

I bring you more than fitness, I bring you the education to empower yourself to care for yourself and have control of your body.

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